About Centron

Centron 2020, is a U.S. based company that produces and supplies high performance diesel & petrol fuel additive products to a wide range of industries and global markets.

Our History

The vision for Centron fuel additives was established years ago on the race tracks of NASCAR. Within oval racing vehicle specifications it was known that the fuel used to power the race cars could be modified within specific guidelines to improve fuel economy and vehicle performance. Based on this premise the idea to develop a fuel additive that would enable fuel to burn more efficiently and more completely evolved from concept to reality.

From the race track to the lab to practical in-field application Centron fuel additives were developed and advanced through rigorous testing and analyses. As a result, verified performance formulations were created and patented in 2001 & 2002. Centron’s proprietary, high performance fuel additives are formulated to provide maximum engine protection in all weather conditions plus improve fuel economy, reduce smoke and harmful exhaust emissions, enhance fuel system performance, increase horsepower, lubricate and reduce wear of injectors and other critical engine components, clean and prevent deposit buildup, separate & remove water, inhibit rust and corrosion plus upgrade and stabilize fuel. The end result is improved fuel economy, reduced exhaust emissions, longer service intervals, lower maintenance costs, increased combustion, added power and prolonged asset life.

Corporate Facilities

Centron 2020, was formed in 2018 as part of a restructuring strategy and located in Malibu, California. Centron 2020 is partnered with the top chemical blending company in the US. Our partner has over 100+ facilities located throughout the country and more than one supplier for each product. These state of the art blending facilities are ISO 9001-2015 certified and utilize the latest technologies to quickly and accurately process product orders to our clients in the mining, trucking, automotive, rail, construction, agriculture, government, mass transit, and marine market sectors. Our current distribution network spans North & South America, Africa and Australia with negotiations currently underway to establish distribution in Europe, Asia & the Middle East.

Research & Development

Centron 2020, through its strategic global blending partners maintain state-of-the-art testing and research laboratory facilities to provide our customers with technologically advanced fuel additive development and testing.