“Normally after we have started up plant and equipment after a long weekend off, a cloud of black smoke was hanging over the truck yard. I have noticed that this is no more the case after the introduction of Centron.”

– Jacques Pienaar, Contracts Manager

“I have approached the site from a distance one morning and observed that there is no more black smoke hanging around. Even the strong smell of diesel was less as I got closer”.

– Eddie de Beer, Fuel yard Manager

1.“Normally on colder days we have difficulty in starting up in the plant and equipment. Start-up is a lot quicker now after the addition of Centron to the diesel fuel. A remarkable improvement.”
2. “After the plant eventually started, a black ball of smoke followed first acceleration. The black smoke is visibly a lot less”
3. “The engines are running a lot smoother with vibration also reduced”.
4. “I have also noticed that the noise from the engines is audibly lower”.

– Frans Marumo, Plant Foreman

“I have noticed that the fuel filters show a much lighter color than before”.

– Quinton Gallon, Technician

“Our firm has completed the SAE test in connection with the Centron Fuel Enhancer and its effect on engine cylinder blowby. The test was performed on a 450-horsepower Cummins diesel tractor. Prior to Centron being used in the diesel engine the tractor showed a blowby reading of 8. After Centron was used in this same tractor, the blowby reading was reduced to 6. These readings were confirmed by the use of a dynamometer test. A low blowby reading indicates that the engine is running efficiently and harmful emissions are reduced.

In our experience, we have never seen as dramatic effect on blowby as in the SAME test we conducted when Centron was added to the diesel fuel in the prescribed manner. Our firm has completed the SAE test in connection with the Centron Fuel Enhancer and its effect on emissions. Our tests have confirmed that both Nitrous Oxide and Hydrocarbon emissions are reduced significantly, as shown in the following table:

In addition, there was no negative result in connection with Oxygen. Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide.


We have undertaken many tests before and we have never seen emission reductions as dramatic as these.”

– Claude J. Travis, Past Chairman S.A.E.Truck & Bus
In-Service Test Procedure Committee

“Emission Reductions
The levels of Hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) were measured using a EPA approved Auto Logic Emissions Analyzer. We saw results almost immediately and as we continued using Centron the results kept improving. The first evaluation showed a reduction of NOx emission of 26% and HC emissions of 62%. The second evaluation showed similar results with NOx reduction of 25% and HC reduction of 36% which was continuing showing improvement with use.

Fuel Savings

We used fuel tracking system to evaluate mileage improvement from miles driven and gallons pumped. We determined a fuel savings of 18.1% on the first sample of trucks we evaluated and a 6.4% improvement with the limited number of miles in the second evaluation, and the fuel economy numbers were continuing to improve.

Additional Results

We have tried multiple fuel additives in the past; and Centron is the first to deliver results. We were pleased to find that using Centron helps with the lubricity lost when using ultra low sulfur fuels and we had no cold weather issues with the trucks utilizing Centron. The Centron fuel additive has also reduced downtime or our trucks that were directly related to fuel problem. We are pleased with the water removal and cleaning properties of the product and expect these same results in our bulk fuel tanks.

Overall, the target criteria were met with fuel savings and a significant reduction in emissions. Our expectation is to use the Centron Diesel Supplement throughout the Milwaukee County Fleet to help reduce out fuel budget.”

– Daniel Goeden, Fleet Director
Milwaukee County Fleet Management

“We wanted to thank you for introducing us to the central fuel supplements. The cross county highway department has a long tongue comprehensive sustainable plan which shows how committed we are to the overall health of our environment and our community for today and future generations.

Emissions Evaluation

Our initial emissions a valuation was on two of our dump/plow trucks which one ULSD fuel with a 5% biodiesel blind in the wall of months. From our initial evaluation outside research from credible third-party organizations, we found this internally helps decrease omissions output, but was also able to restore lost efficiency and increased fuel economy through to pay for the product with a plausible return on the counties tax dollars.

Currently were using essential if your supplements in both of gasoline and diesel storage tanks. Do you have for a valuation of our missions will be done by testing a portion of our feet using an EPA proved canned more five gas and wiser. We have found a central if your supplement helped decrease our exhaust emissions output by the following amounts;

Emissions outputs will continue to be monitored each quarter to show that the product is continuing to reduce our entire fleet emissions.

– Dennis Orgood
Highway Department, County of La Crosse, Wisconsin